Thursday, February 28, 2008


Little Bean likes making list.
She is learning that her Papa speaks a different language and is a little different from Mama. After reviewing one of her books written in Hindi, Little Bean asked, "Papa Hindi?" (Yes); "Mama Hindi?" (No)
Then proceeded to make a list of Hindi things in her life:
Papa ...Hindi
Baba (grandpa)... Hindi
Daudi (grandma)...Hindi

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Birthday wishes

Little Bean has been to a couple of birthdays parties recently. She keeps talking about them and singing "Happy Birthday". So, today we had a conversation about her B-day.

Mom: "Who do you want to come to your birthday party?"

Little Bean: Starts listing off the "A" list (all her friend's names start with "A").

Mom: "Anyone else?" (expecting her to say one more "A" name)

Little Bean: "Mama"

For that last comment Little Bean received a lot of kisses.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Little Bean: " That's Papar's Bib, Mama!"
Referring to the apron her Papa likes to wear when he is cooking. Mama just made the mistake of wearing it too.

Dr. Who?

My Husband: " you sound like Dr. Phil"
Me: "Well, you sound like...Dr.... ah...Dr. Pepper"

Papa Esso

Little Bean: Papa ess-o.. Papa ess-o
My Husband (with a worried look, thinking she is calling him a name): What....I don't understand?
Little Bean: PAPA ESSO!
Me: Yes, "lets go" get into the car.
My Husband (looking relieved): Yep ess-o!

Smells of the day

Mama: You smell like Peanut Butter
Bean: Mama you smell like broccoli